Ombak Football Club


Kelab Bolasepak Ombak (Ombak FC) was established on 21st Jun 2011 and officially registered with Malaysia Sport Council in October 2011.   The establishment was aimed at gathering young and enthusiastic children, aged between 6 years old to 16 years old to develop their football skill and technique at grass root level.   Besides, the children can spend their weekends on meaningful and healthy activities.   Currently, the number of active participants has grown to over 100 from 20 since inception in July 2010. We engaged couches with AFC licence in the training programs and presently, we have 9 coaches including 1 goal keeper coach. Our training base is at Padang Kg Pindah, Jalan Raja Uda, Kg Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur.



The club has participated in numerous series of friendly games and tournaments, both locally and overseas to test out the performance of the players. The results were very positive and encouraging. Please refer to the Attachments to note some of the achievements so far.



Our football club is a non-profitable organization and the maintenance is through monthly subscriptions. Nevertheless, in order for us to continue with the programs and to promote the club to a higher level, our critical success factor is to obtain financial support or sponsorships for these kids in particular those with talent but lack of financial support from their family.   Presently, the club is also doing community service by providing free training to about 10-15 kids of this nature. Subscriptions collected are utilized to cover coaching fees and football equipment.


Last but not least, our aspiration is to be one of the Best Grass Root football club in Malaysia.

Training Base: Padang Kg Pindah, Jalan Raja Uda, Kg Baru, 50300 Kuala Lumpur








M4 2019



  • OMBAK FC has successfully created a brand name by itself. Popular among teenagers in Klang Valley, known by many from other states within Malaysia as well as South East Asia region.


  • Ombak FC has help many players achieved their dreams.


  • In a short span of time (less than 5 years), Ombak FC was able to produce national level players.


  • Always regard as one of the toughest team to beat nonetheless able to succeed in quite a few championships.


  • Chosen by ASTRO for one of its reality TV program titled #takkangentar (NEVER GIVE UP)


International tourney & training camps participated by Ombak FC:


  1. Piala Walikota Binjai, Medan Sumatera
  2. Asia Youth Cup, Singapore (2014 & 2015)
  3. Friendly Invitation by Songkla University, Thailand
  4. International friendly matches held by Wittayakarn School, Hatyai, Thailand
  5. Piala Walikota Tangjung Balai, Sumatera, Indonesia
  6. Invitation by Walikota Lhokseumawe, Sumatera, Indonesia
  7. Phuket International Youth Cup U15, Thailand (2016, 2017)
  8. Allianz Junior Football Camp, Bali, Indonesia
  9. Allianz Junior Football Camp, Bayern Munich, German
  10. Okto Cup, Singapore
  11. International U16, BP Batam, Indonesia


Individual participation by Ombak FC players:

  1. Astro junior football camp to Cardif City, UK; West Ham United, UK and Barcelona, Spain
  2. BePro Football, Spain


  1. CKC City FC, Incheon, Korea
  2. Burnly FC, Australia
  3. Pagsekat, Jakarta, Indonesia
  4. Mandiri Selection, Jakarta, Indonesia
  5. Infa Young Guns, Bandung, Indonesia
  6. Binataruna, Indonesia
  7. Hong Kah Secondary School, Singapore
  8. Bendemeer Secondary School, Singapore
  9. Givova Academy, Singapore
  10. Bedok Youth Soccerites, Singapore
  11. Bangkinang, Riau, Sumatera
  12. Winchester Isla Women Football team, Singapore
  13. Elizabeth Moir School, Sri Lanka, India


  1. Muhd Irfan Faiz B Shaharudin – Malaysia U15 (SSTMI)
  2. Shahrul Iman B Ahmad Shukri – Malaysia U16 (SSMP)
  3. Muhd Hadi B Mizei – Youth development (Belia FAM B17)
  4. Muhd Izzuddin B Roslan – Youth development (Belia FAM B17)
  5. Furqan B Azri – Youth development (Belia FAM B17)
  6. Hafizuddin B Ismail – JDT U14/U15
  7. Muhd Amreel Iqbal B Hafiz – JDT U15 – U17
  8. Muhd Hafizzul B Baharom – JDT U15 – U17
  9. Muhd Muhd Alif Haikal B Adzrin – Belia KL
  10. Khairul Naim B Zainal Abidin – Belia Selangor


Not limited to many who had been selected by State Sports School.  


  1. Champion Liga 1MCC U12 Div 2 (2013)
  2. Champion Liga 1MCC U14 Div2 (2013)
  3. 1st Runner-Up Liga 1MCC U16 Div 2 (2013)
  4. Champion RSC International 7’s U12 (2014)
  5. Champion DBKL Soccer Kids U15 (2014)
  6. 1st Runner-up Asian Youth Cup U16 (2014)
  7. Champion Liga Allianz U16 (2015)
  8. Champion Cup Liga 1MCC U16 (2015)
  9. Champion Liga Allianz U16 (2015)
  10. Champion KL Junior League U16 (2016)
  11. 1st Runner-up Phuket Int Youth Cup U15 (2016)
  12. Champion Jeonsa Challenge U14 (2016)
  13. Champion Jeonsa Challenge U16 (2016)
  14. Champion Shoot international Festival U15 (2017)
  15. Champion DBKL Soccer Kidz U15 (2017)
  16. Champion KL Cup U14 (2017)
  17. 1st Runner-up Liga 1MCC SHIELD U16 (2018)
  18. Champion Liga Bandar Tun Razak U21 (2018)
  19. Champion Piala Nur Power U18 (2018)


PresidenMizei @ Termizi B Zainuddin (017-3901575)

Asst. PresidenMohd Radzif B Hasan (017-5134018)

Secretary & TreasurerLiyana Ho Bt Abdullah (016-3264881)


Committee Members:

Ibrahim B Othman (013-3311923)

Zailani B Zakaria (016-6181537)

Shaari B Mamyudi (012-3956269)

Sukardi Bin Kadri (016-2304028)

Zainuddin Bin Haji Ramin (013-6282166)


Internal AuditMohd Shaharuddin B Azali (019-3566300)

No Name of Coaches
1 Nur Amin Ismail (Head Coach) * *
2 Mohd Izzat Bin Ahmad **
3 Mohd Asri Bin Wan Hussein
4 Mohd Yusoff Bin Jamaluddin
5 Mohd Yusri Bin Mohd Yusoff
6 Mohd Shahrulnizan B VPK Sulaiman #
7 Mizei @ Termizi Bin Zainuddin
8 Mohd Hasnizam BIN Jani
9 Wan Salman Bin Drahman


** Futsal Coaching License

# Goal Keeping Coaching License



Kelab Bolasepak Ombak (4864/2011)



Tel: 016- 326 4881/ 017-390 1575/ 017-513 4018