First 11


FIRST 11 FC is a football academy that aims to nurture young players using training methods that are effective, creative and most of all fun, the First11 Way!


We run football coaching programs in schools, have organized football clinics all over Malaysia and at the heart of it all, making football accessible to all children regardless of creed, race, religion, skill level. We are most proud to have conducted free football clinics for the less fortunate, and children that are special. Our greatest joy is seeing the smiles in their face when they are having fun on the field. As their faces light up, our hearts are filled with an unimaginable joy and warmth.


We aim to produce players who are strong and sound;
“Technically, Tactically, Physiologically and Psychologically”


In short, we aim to produce excellent individuals. At F11FC, we value winning but not more than character and performance.


We provide a safe and friendly atmosphere for players to learn. At the junior/youth level, ball mastery is key. Individual attention in small groups in order to develop their football skills, intelligence and imagination through pure ball skill and mastery.


We strongly believe that the Game is the Teacher, with some guidance from our experienced team!


Expose young players to techniques and tactics that will help them to be the best football players possible – by combining Football, Futsal, Street football and Freestyle football techniques in our program.


We believe that this holistic approach will enable our players to reach their full potential.


Halasuria has been a strong supporter of our club. Before last year, we were only a small grassroot academy that dreams to play in the big leagues and compete against the big boys.

End of last year, Halasuria offered our older boys a chance to play in a more competitive league. With the partnership with Halasuria, our boys were able to gain valuable experience playing in an open league.


Eventhough it not yet the Liga Super, or even the Liga Perdana, but it was a very significant step! And that, we want to thank Halasuria! Your support and trust in First11 FC Youths, has allowed us to take a step forward and as in the saying, “Journey of a thousand miles, starts with a single step.”


And as per our tagline CREATING FUTURE LEGENDS, we definitely see HALASURIA being the supporter; SUPPORTING FUTURE LEGENDS


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